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“One of our biggest cases required a Spanish interpreter. I believe that the quality of the interpreters sent to us by THE COURT INTERPRETERS for all the interviews, examinations, depo-preps, depositions and mediations over the years played an important role in our success. You want your clients to trust you and feel comfortable with you and in order to convey this to someone who does not speak your language, you need a great interpreter. You actually have to rely on your interpreters.”

Douglas S. Aberle, Esq

Levitt, Leichenger & Aberle

“The Court Interpreter, LLC provides professional, expert interpretation and translation services that are unrivaled. The interpreters they have referred to me exhibit an approachable, kind, and empathetic manner that helps clients feel comfortable discussing the most delicate topics. I can also attest to the exceptional skills of an expert witness linguist I was referred to: she testified as a defense witness during a contentious federal drug conspiracy trial regarding the content of a disputed covert Spanish language recording, firmly and intelligently stood her ground and gave thoughtful fact-based reasons for her conclusions. The jurors loved her presentation! You will be more informed, prepared and successful in your case because you hired the Court Interpreters.”

Amy E. Jacks, Esq.

AW Office Of Amy E. Jacks

“I used to dread having to work with interpreters because it slowed everything down, but since our firm started working with THE COURT INTERPRETERS, the depositions go so smoothly, I sometimes forget we even have interpreters in the room. They are all super professional. I find, unlike when we have worked with other interpreters, I do not have to build in additional time estimates for the testimony provided.”

Kevin S. Wattles

Soltman, Levitt, Flaherty, & Wattles LLP

“It was a pleasure working with Court Interpreters. They provided instantaneous and accurate translations during fifteen client interviews in less than ideal conditions, as well as translated documents from English to Spanish on an extremely short timeline. My firm will absolutely use them for all of our Spanish translation needs in the Los Angeles area going forward.”

Matthew Goldberg

Davis Wang, A PLC San Francisco

“I worked with an interpreter referred to me by The Court Interpreters, LLC on a federal criminal matter. She provided both written translation and oral interpreting work. She was smart, efficient and her work was excellent. I highly recommend The Court Interpreters.”

Melissa A. Weinberger

Touchton & Weinberger LLP

“In addition to interpreting for medical appointments and depositions, The Court Interpreters has been available to help with phone calls, document translation and court appearances and have always provided us with professional work.”

David B. Leichenger

Levitt, Leichenger & Aberle

“I highly recommend The Court Interpreters, LLC for reliable, timely and professional services. The professionals they have put me in touch with have provided both written translations and simultaneous interpretation services for me in the past. They have turned around the written projects quickly and reliably and their professional but friendly demeanor helped create a positive environment for the interpretation sessions.”

Amanda R. Touchton

Touchton & Weinberger LLP

“If anyone ever asked me to recommend an interpreter, The Court Interpreters would be at the top of my list. I’ve had excellent experiences with them. You couldn’t make a better investment.”

Elizabeth Carpenter, Esq.

Law Offices of Elizabeth Carpenter


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About Us

We match talented linguists to our clients in all kinds of settings, including all stages of civil litigation and criminal proceedings.

Continuing Ed.

We offer a broad array of courses to enhance interpreters’ performance and enjoyment of work. Courses are highly participatory and are approved in most states in the US.


“I believe that the quality of the interpreters sent to us by THE COURT INTERPRETERS for all the interviews, examinations, depo-preps, depositions and mediations over the years played an important role in our success.” – MORE