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Continuing Education

“Thank you for your wonderful seminars. I have learned a lot from your classes and the participants in these classes. I am happy to feel challenged through your thoughtful ethical Q & As.”

Susan M.
Certified Court Interpreter

“Rarely do interpreters get the chance to take continuing education courses that are both entertaining and genuinely useful. This is exactly what The Court Interpreters provide. Instructors Julie and Michelle are seasoned interpreters who are able to describe real-life tricky situations and suggest ways to prevent or overcome them. Also, they encourage interaction in an organic, uncontrived way that helps strengthen bonds among participating interpreters. Taking courses offered by this company is time well spent and not just something to do to fulfill a requirement. I highly recommend The Court Interpreters.”

Sandra Rodriguez
Certified Court Interpreter

“Thank you so much for such an informative class. I’m addicted to your classes, simply the best!”

Tracy M.


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About Us

We match talented linguists to our clients in all kinds of settings, including all stages of civil litigation and criminal proceedings.

Continuing Ed.

We offer a broad array of courses to enhance interpreters’ performance and enjoyment of work. Courses are highly participatory and are approved in most states in the US.


“I believe that the quality of the interpreters sent to us by THE COURT INTERPRETERS for all the interviews, examinations, depo-preps, depositions and mediations over the years played an important role in our success.” – MORE